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Universal wire lead threading device tool

Universal wire lead threading device tool

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5M (16.4ft)/10M (32.8ft) spring steel threading device, cable/network cable/wire/dark wire metal threading device, electrician wire drawing device, long-term use, short-distance wire drawing device.


Easily solve all kinds of complicated pipeline routing problems, whether it is the routing of the wiring groove under the floor, the routing of the ceiling of the pipeline, the routing of the wall of the pipeline, and the routing of the network cable, etc., a powerful tool for home decoration.


Three-layer solid spring, strong recovery, strong bending, strong enough length and strong toughness, 360° no dead angle corners, multiple right-angle bends, no fear of complicated wiring.


The flathead has a large aperture, which can walk multiple cables at a time. At the same time, it is more convenient to bind the wires and be more convenient. It is suitable for wiring and installation of pipelines with large pipe diameters.


the wire diameter of 4.02mm, is suitable for various PVC pipes and other plastic pipes, metal pipes, etc., general indoor wiring pipes can be used, and no bare wiring is allowed, which will easily cause the threader to fail to go out.



Material: Three-layer solid spring

Wire diameter: 4.02mm

Length: 5M (16.4ft)/10M (32.8ft)


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